How to Prepare For Your Consultation

Tips to Help You Properly Prepare for Your Consultation

Below are instructions that will allow you to better coordinate with your GP throughout the entire process of your consultation.

  1. For your GP consultation please try to be on time (recommended to come 10 mintues prior to your set appointment).
  2. If you are late for your appointment please be aware that complications will arise and you may either have to rebook for another consultation or your consultation will be cut short. You may have to wait a few hours or longer for a free slot to be opened up. 
  3. For your visit, please dress accordingly, such a way as to allow the doctor to examine you with ease if needed, e.g. bloood pressure measurement, examination of the heart, lungs or limbs, or any other body parts if necessary.
  4. A Consultation may only take place if a telephone arrangement with the secretary of the clinic was made beforehand.
  5. Giving the purpose of your visit to the secretary helps in better organizing the consultation's time and date. However, in the case of an intimate matter, you may say that the matter is " Private"
  6. A typical consultation with a doctor GP lasts about 10 -15 minutes in Ireland. A patient is scheduled every 15 minutes.  Therefore, during the consultation it is only possible to discuss one important matter and one additional short one if necessary. If there numerous things you'd like to discuss with the GP, let our secretary know. You may need an extra visit or more time if your case is complicated.
  7. During the visit, there is no time to discuss additional issues that you forgot to report to the secretary.
  8. During the visit, please do not refer/discuss any illness or test result of your family members.
  9. The nurse and secretary inform about your test results via text or telephone. If necessary, the patient is invited for a consultation with the doctor to discuss the results.
  10. A phone consultation may be reccomended if the GP determines a physical consultation is unnecessary based on the given symptoms.
  11. During the consultation, only one person may be accompanied for the purpose of translation or undressing assistance.
  12. Upon arrival at our clinic, report your arrival to the secretary.
  13. For your first visit, please bring all your prescribed medicine and medical records in your possesion.