Repeat Prescriptions

Configure Prescription Details

Repeat Prescriptions

To order a repeat prescription please send us a text message at 0858 266 668 or you can use the form online.


Your regular prescription will be ready for collection after 48 working hours. Therefore let us know that your need your prescription in advance (Please inform us if someone other than the patient will be collecting the prescription).

However, we try to send your prescriptions on-line to a nominated pharmacy the same day (after 5pm). 

Medication Reviews

Please be adviced that every patient with chronic disease ara asked to see our doctor or practice nurse at the surgery every 6-12 months.

Please do not change your medicine and dosage without consulation with you doctor as it reults in prescritpion dispense disruption and potenital risk for your medical condition. 

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Know Your Medicines and Keep a List

Knowing what medicines you take and how you take them helps everyone involved to make correct decisions about your care.

Healthcare professionals need to know all of the medicines you are taking, to check that medicines and combinations are effective and safe.

Having an up-to-date, written or printed list of your medicines can help:

  • when you might not be able to remember your medications, for example, at an appointment or in an emergency.
  • reduce the chance of errors.
  • when requesting a repeat prescription from your GP. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself!

Click here for more information and a downloadable “My Medicines List”


Prescription for contraception for free

You are entitled to free contraception if you are aged 17-31.

In this case a GP consultation about contraception is free of charge.