Men's Health

Health Screenings for Men

Screening for Modern Man:

There are many health screening tests that are age-specific and may not be needed every year. Others should be done annually, including:

  • height, weight and waist circumference
  • blood pressure 
  • flu shot (?)

Specifically for your age:

18 - 39

  • a cholesterol check (blood test) plus urinalysis should be completed in your twenties, and then annually once you turn 35; it will be checked every five years if normal, annually if you have risk factors (e.g. hypertension or heart problem in family, obesity, smoking, diabetes in family and many more)
  • full body skin check to examine for suspicious moles or skin lesions
  • men: testicular exam (self-examination under shower)

40 - 64

The screenings in the 18 - 39 age group should continue to be completed annually, or as recommended by your physician.

  • men: prostate screenings start at the age 50 (blood test) unless you are a high-risk individual then you start at the age of 40
  • full body scan for suspicious moles or skin lesions should be completed annually, as well as fasting blood sugar and Hba1C levels for signs of diabetes
  • colonoscopy should be completed at age 45 or ten years earlier than the youngest family member with colon cancer; with normal results, colorectal cancer screenings should be completed every 10 years. Doctor may ask you to have FOB (Fecal Occult Blood) stool test, before referring you for colonoscopy.


Many of the screenings above should still be continue annually, in addition to those screening tests, there are a few that you should start at the age of 65:

  • starting at the age of 65, men should have a bone density study every 2 - 5 years; this may start at the age of 60 if you’re in a high-risk population
  • ask your physician about need for pneumococcal vaccination
  • pneumonia vaccine every five years for certain conditions and risk factors
  • height and weight (shrinking height could be a sign of osteoporosis)

There are also some screening tests that your doctor might recommend based on your health history. For example, your physician may recommend Chest X-ray for smokers or CT lung cancer screening if you are between the ages of 55 and 74 and are a current or former smoker with a history of at least 30 “pack years” of smoking. If you do not meet these guidelines, this screening will not be recommended for you.

It’s important to share any concerns or questions you have, and any changes to your health history. This history could be critical to the care and screenings your doctor suggests to maximize your health. 

If you are interested in screeing tests please contact our surgery. Ask for screening test for men.  Assessment of your health consists of initial physical examiantion performed by nurse,  relevant blood tests, urine test and many others recommended by our GP. 

Please note that many of the profilactic screening tests are not covered by Medical Card and are payable.